Things I Miss about Living in South Korea

Featured photo credit: Photo by James Lucian from Pexels After living back in the UK for at least three months now, I realise that I do miss aspects of my life from when I was living in my humble two room apartment in Namyangju, South Korea. I think my feelings are heightened somewhat as well, since we are... Continue Reading →

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Things I Don’t Miss about Living in South Korea

Featured Picture Credit: Photo by James Lucian from Pexels Let’s begin by stating that this post is not intending to bash South Korea. Everyone is different which means throughout life you will experience things that you like and things that you dislike. And what you like or dislike may be completely different to what the next person likes... Continue Reading →

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First Day of School 2.0

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea in the Spring Monday 4th March 2019, Namyangju, South Korea. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jessica Stevens, I was born and raised in Manchester UK, and I am currently teaching English in a middle school in South Korea. I started teaching here in March 2018 so today... Continue Reading →

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