What is a Mind Library? After a quick search on Google Scholar it turns out to be a philosophical and psychological concept, but the truth is I just wanted to make sure the idea for this blog wasn’t already taken. If some of you are reminded of the BBC TV series Sherlock, yep, I was... Continue Reading →

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Things I Miss about Living in South Korea

Featured photo credit: Photo by James Lucian from Pexels After living back in the UK for at least three months now, I realise that I do miss aspects of my life from when I was living in my humble two room apartment in Namyangju, South Korea. I think my feelings are heightened somewhat as well, since we are... Continue Reading →

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Things I Don’t Miss about Living in South Korea

Featured Picture Credit: Photo by James Lucian from Pexels Let’s begin by stating that this post is not intending to bash South Korea. Everyone is different which means throughout life you will experience things that you like and things that you dislike. And what you like or dislike may be completely different to what the next person likes... Continue Reading →

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The Importance of Gratitude for Me (+ you!)

Featured photo credit: Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels We are coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month and I thought I would write a little bit about some things that help maintain my mental wellness. I do not have what would be considered as a diagnosable mental health condition, but I am a living, breathing... Continue Reading →

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Thoughts on Change

By now I hope we all understand that it’s beneficial for our mental health that we express our feelings and thoughts, however intense they may be. We all need some kind of healthy outlet to blow off steam. I’m trying something new by starting these ‘Diary Entries’. A diary is a personal form of journaling... Continue Reading →

Skin Care Spotlight: Cleanser

What’s the Product? Banila Co Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser Ingredients Spotlight Acerola – Acerola cherries, commonly found in the regions of South America and Central America, have a tonne of skin benefits. They contain many antioxidants and high levels of Vitamin C which help to eliminate the build-up of free radicals (unstable molecules produced... Continue Reading →

Skin Care Spotlight: Cleanser

What’s the product? Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil Ingredients Spotlight Black Sesame Oil – Black sesame oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals (unstable molecules that can harm the skin). It also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties meaning it has the potential to stop the growth of harmful microorganisms and reduce inflammation and swelling.... Continue Reading →

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