What is a Mind Library?

After a quick search on Google Scholar it turns out to be a philosophical and psychological concept, but the truth is I just wanted to make sure the idea for this blog wasn’t already taken.

If some of you are reminded of the BBC TV series Sherlock, yep, I was too. A Mind Library just seems like a similar version of Sherlock’s Mind Palace, just using a different location.

Briefly, I decided to call this blog The Mind Library because of how it functions. Think of a library. You go in, you read some books, some articles, you learn some new things, then you leave. This is the basic function of a library. I think a lot of blogs function in the same way. You go into the site, you read an article or two, you learn some new things, read a new opinion and then you leave the site.

In this way a blog is not a physical library, it’s a library of the mind. A Mind Library, if you will. A collection of someone’s own thoughts, ideas, opinions through the lens of how they see the world.

Honestly I thought this name would have been snapped up immediately but after looking around on Google I didn’t find anything (unless I just didn’t look hard enough) so I decided to take it for my own. It’s a bit ambiguous but I hope it sets the tone for the style and type of content you may find here.

Speaking of content, what do I write about?

Honestly, whatever takes my interest. This is a place for me to practise various forms of writing, share my opinion, update people on events, educate myself and possibly others. The list goes on.

Basically this is my creative outlet for you to browse and read through before you move on to another part of your day. My own personal Mind Library.

Navigating is simple. If you want to see if I’ve written about a topic that interests you, search for it at the top by clicking the Search icon. Articles are divided into categories which you can find in the Side Bar and at the bottom of the page. Just click and explore.

Thanks for stopping by.


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